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Body Treatments:

Signature Body Work (60 minutes) -$55.00

Melt stress, improve circulation, release sinus pressure and ease muscular tension in the head, neck and back in just  one hour.

Seaweed Wrap (60 Minutes) -$50.00

This blend from the sea and essential oils detoxifies, remineralizes, and releases severe muscle tension while leaving your skin feeling dew-kissed and fresh.

Steam Therapy (30 minutes) - $30.00

Relax in a warm cocoon of moist heat that removes toxins, excess fluid, and relaxes the muscles.

Slimming & Cellulite BodyWrap (60 minutes) -$60.00

This marine blend was developed many years ago to detoxify, lose inches and tighten skin for a firmer, slimmer you in no time at all.

Ionithermie Inch Loss (60 minutes) $139

This revolutionary new program will detox the bloodstream, reduce fluid, remove cellulite, increase muscle mass and shrink the body. Lose up to 8 inches in one session and you will leave feeling lighter and looking thinner.

Combination Treatments:

Steam /Body Treatment (60 minutes) -$55.00

Forget about stress and let the steam relax your body and increase all the benefits of the signature body work.

Sauna/ Body Work (60 minutes) - $55.00

Let the warmth relax you while listening to your favorite music and let troubles fade away.

Steam/ Seaweed Treatment (60 minutes) -$60.00

Our combination of steam and seaweed treatments cleanses the skin, and releases tension and stress in the muscles.

Seaweed/ Body (120 minutes) -$80.00

Restore your peace of mind with this combo. Detox and rebuild the body in this session that will make you feel your very best.

Steam/ Seaweed/ Body Work (120 minutes) -$99.00

Treat yourself because your worth it. This package has it all: warmth, relaxation, detoxification, fluid reduction and most of all making you feel like a million bucks at a fraction of the cost!

Other Services:

Detox Face Mask (30 minutes) -$20.00

This facial restorative will leave your skin radiant healthy and glowing. You'll instantly notice the difference in the overall tone and texture of your skin.

Detox Foot Bath (30 minutes) -$25.00

Experience a foot soak like no other. You relax with your feet submerged in warm water and let the body do the work of releasing toxic buildup, parasites, candida and other debris. The feet will feel lighter and restored.

Ear Candling (60 minutes) -$50

Impaired hearing, earaches, vertigo and excess wax will melt away as the candles lull you with the sound of the ocean.

Iridology (30 minutes) -35.00

This age old technique also known as Reading the Eyes may show areas of stress in the body.

4-Person Far-Infared Sauna (30 minutes) -$25.00

Intense heat coupled with infared and light therapy will deeply penetrate and relax sore muscles while burning calories. Also excellent for arthritis and fibromyalgia pain.